Ellen Sokolow

Interfaith Minister, ordained & licensed in New York State. Performing Interfaith ceremonies; weddings, baptisms, funerals.

Offering all levels of Reiki Training
and private sessions.


Ellen Sokolow is a Traditional Reiki Master, Has been working with Reiki since 1982 and teaching since 1984.  She is in direct lineage of Usui-Hayashi-Takata-Weber/Latz.
In her quest to find her own healing and peace and share her learning with others, she has practiced and taught Architecture for eleven years, Acupuncture for six, Meditation since 1986, and, of course, daily Reiki for more than twenty years.
She is the first Reiki Master to teach in Gaza and the West Bank of Israel during the years before the peace treaties were signed and gathered Reiki classes of German, Israeli, and Palestinian Reiki practitioners in the West Bank and in Israel.
She has taught throughout the Middle East, Mediterranean, Europe and the United States.

"Ellen is very calm and sure and sensitive to her students.  The way she teaches makes it easy to learn and inspirational in the sense that her whole temperament is Reiki.  She is Reiki.  She instills the oriental way of the mystique and the humility in her presentation.  It is a powerful experience!" 
James Caruso, New Paltz, New York

"When I first met Ellen, in 1991, we talked and drank tea.  After a few minutes I felt myself totally immersed in a pool of Reiki.  Since then Ellen’s connection to Reiki has gotten even deeper, stronger, purer.
A strong sense of community moves through her always.  She’s amazing!”
  Brian Streett, Reiki Master, Jerusalem, Israel

"Ellen's teaching is a model of clarity and sensitivity.  She gently guides her students to full understanding of Reiki and inspires them to apply their understanding for the betterment of themselves and the world."     John Heinegg; Delhi, New York

First Degree Reiki from Barbara Balk, AIRA, October 10, 1982
First Degree, from Virginia Samdahl, AA, BS, DD; Takata’s first Reiki Master student; May 6, 1984
Second Degree Reiki, from Barbara Balk, February 1983
Second Degree Plus, from Reverend David Jarrell, March 1983
Reiki Master Initiation and Training, from Barbara Webber, AIRA, March 1984
Reiki Master Initiation and Training, from John Latz, TReikiNetwork July 1984
Reiki Master Initiation and Training, from Kate Hoffmann, Reiki Alliance, Feb 1995

Ellen founded the Traditional Reiki Network in 1984, an international organization for Master/Teachers and Practitioners that holds high standards for the training and practice of Reiki.  These include First and Second Degree apprenticeships where practitioners work with experienced Masters and practitioners during treatments and classes.  It also includes a thorough
Internship for Reiki Master training (3rd Degree) which lasts 1-3 years. 
The TRN has documented hundreds of cases using and benefiting from Reiki treatments.
Ellen has taught Reiki in a home for street kids in Tel Aviv, Beit Ashanti; in a women’s and children’s speech therapy center in Nablus; in a community mental health clinic in Gaza; in a center for people with AIDS in the South Bronx and has volunteered her services for many cancer and AIDS patients and organizations since 1982.

Training in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Lincoln Hospital Detox Research Clinic in the Bronx, New York where she also studied herbology, vitamin and color therapy, and dietary systems including macrobiotics; she then practiced acupuncture for 6 years.

During her Architectural practice, Ellen Sokolow worked as a constructionadministrator for the US Merchant Marine Academy B as the project coordinator for the Ellis Island restoration B in the design development and construction of tension membrane and pneumatic structures, intricate scale models construction, computer programming B feasibility studies, schematic thru construction documents of large scale hospital projects, scale model building B Guest Professor at the College of New Rochelle, NYC Community College and Highlands Middle School   B Project/construction director, with summer kids program, vest pocket park Bedford Stuyvesant-Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, now part of the State Park System.
She holds a Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Architecture, an Architectural Drafting teachers certificate in NYC; and is a Certified Superintendent of Construction in NYC… sculptor, potter, model maker, home renovation: carpentry & plumbing; gardening, skiing, poetry, photography

Solar Electric System Designer and Installer Certified by New York Solar Energy Industries Association, Level one and two

Collaborative Community Mediation, New York State Certified

Guest Lecturer: Environmental Sciences & Policy Program; University of Maryland
Educational Opportunities Program:  SUNY Morrisville
Science and Technologies Department:  SUNY Morrisville
Basic Plumbing and Carpentry: Corporate Education Services at Delhi College

Interfaith Minister, ordained in New York State

Upledger Institute, Cranio-Sacral 2
Visionary Cranio-Sacral-2, Milne Institute

DragonFly Creations Unique Earth-Native Fetish Jewelry

NY State licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
Ellen giving Reiki to a boy at the Southern Tier Earth Day Festival
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Rev Ellen Sokolow, Interfaith Minister
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